Spruce products include Spruce brand inline fans for ventilating the entire home or specific rooms such as the bathroom, kitchen and garage; RadonAway® brand radon mitigation fans, which reduce radon and other soil gases from indoor air; AIRaider™ water aeration systems for removal of radon from well water; AccuStar® radon testing devices; and radon diagnostic, system monitoring, and system installation equipment.

Bathroom Ventilation

Spruce HVI and ETL listed inline ventilation fans are suitable for bathroom ventilation. Remote mounting allows a single Spruce fan to quietly and effectively reduce bathroom moisture. Choose the fan series and model that best fits a specific bathroom application.

Kitchen Ventilation

Spruce RL Series inline ventilation fans are ideal for both commercial and residential kitchens. These energy-efficient fans help to maintain better air quality by providing a strong, quiet ventilation system that removes contaminants, smoke, grease, odor and moisture.

Continuous Ventilation and Duct Boosting

A Spruce inline fan provides continuous ventilation, enhancing air quality by reducing point source pollutants. A Spruce fan can also improve the efficiency of an existing air system by giving it a boost to push conditioned air into areas where it is needed.

Garage Ventilation

Spruce manufactures 6 inline fans that are ideal for garage ventilation. Their energy-efficient, continuous operation will remove harmful fumes and pollutants and prevent them from entering the home.

Radon in Air Reduction

With 6 fan lines and 20 fan models, the Spruce RadonAway® brand can provide the right radon fan to meet nearly every radon mitigation need. Since 1989, RadonAway® has been the industry leader, producing radon mitigation fans known for their reliability and effectiveness in reducing radon and other soil gases.

Radon in Water Reduction

AIRaider™ Systems use aeration, a method recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as the "best available technology," to reduce the levels of radon and other well water contaminants. Spruce manufactures 4 AIRaider series with 10 models to provide up to 99+% radon reduction.

Radon Testing and Diagnostics

Spruce testing and diagnostic products include AccuStar® certified, accredited radon test kits, including analysis, for radon in air and radon in water; RadStar continuous radon monitors; and the RadStar GM 1-2, an innovative grab-sampler/micro-manometer diagnostic device.

Radon System Accessories

RadonAway® manufactures radon system products that help radon professionals meet mitigation standards and also provide homeowners with the ability to assure themselves that the system is operating. These system accessories include a uniquely designed pipe fitting for new construction and crawlspace installations and devices to monitor system operation.