Radon System Accessories

RadonAway® radon system fan monitoring devices provide audible and/or visible warnings when the fan ceases to operate. They are ideal for use by professionals as well as homeowners who require reassurance that their radon system is working. The RadonAway® Radon-T was designed specifically to create a stable base for new construction and crawlspace installation and replaces an ordinary PVC tee as the base for RRNC or an active radon, soil gas or moisture control system.

RadonAway RSA1 Radon System Alarm

P/N 28535

  • Easy Installation
  • Pipe or Wall Mount (2”
  • - 6” Pipe)
  • Battery Operated (No Wiring Required)
  • Modern, Compact Design
  • Vacuum Sensing
  • Visual and Audible Indicators
  • Alarm* and Service Delay Functions
  • Satisfies the current ANSI/AARST Radon Mitigation Standards
  • Hush and Test Buttons

*Visual alert only during first 48 hours, 7 days or 30 days depending on selected delay

RadonAway Air Flow Alarm

P/N 28421

  • Monitors system operation
  • Easy installation (indoor use only)
  • For 3” or 4” PVC pipe
  • Audible and visible alarm (red LED light) alerts users of low or no air low condition
  • Battery-operated
  • Low battery warning

Checkpoint 2 Mitigation System Monitor / Alarm

P/N 28001-2

  • Audible Alarm
  • Green and red LED readout
  • Factory preset to activate at .25"WC vacuum pressure
  • Low Voltage

Checkpoint 2R Mitigation System Monitor with Remote Alarm

P/N 29001-4

  • Audible remote alarm
  • Green and red LED readout
  • Factory preset to activate at .25"WC vacuum pressure
  • Low voltage
  • 50' of wire included

Pressure Switch

P/N 73023

  • Suitable to activate a light or alarm for monitoring fan operation
  • Activates at .25"WC
  • UL/CSA recognized


P/N 28299

  • More stability (no more leaning system pipes)
  • Better air, soil gas and vapor flow
  • Protection against accidental blockage by building debris


P/N 50017

  • Compatible with RP, GP, XP, XR Series and Fantech (or when stacking fans)
  • Reads 0-4.5"WC