Our AccuStar® New England laboratory offers a diffusion barrier charcoal canister for short-term radon testing, with post-test analysis in our own NRPP and NRSB certified, NELAP accredited (and licensed in all states where required) laboratory. This charcoal canister has been calibrated at our laboratory for a two to seven day exposure, with a recommended exposure of three to five days. These test devices are used most often for quick, accurate initial residential testing and for post-mitigation system evaluation. The canister design resists the effects of humidity allowing longer exposure times. This device can be custom packaged for large project or individual use.

AccuStar® charcoal canister test kits are available in single and double test kit packages:

  • Single-packaged test kits contain one test canister and are best used as an initial screening test.
  • Double test kits contain two test canisters and are designed to be used in real estate transactions following the EPA simultaneous testing protocol.

These diffusion barrier charcoal canisters can also be used to measure the "stack effect" by placing one canister on the lowest level and another on a higher level. Bulk test canisters are available for use in testing large buildings and school.

Charcoal Canister Test Kit includes:

  • One (or 2, if ordered for real estate transaction) 4" charcoal canister test device
  • Instructions
  • Laboratory analysis
  • First Class return postage (US only)

This product is NOT FOR USE in Canada or New Jersey. Call for special New Jersey radon test kits and prices.