The AccuStar® Alpha Track is preferred by professionals when performing long-term radon in air measurements (90 days to one year). They are accurate, easy to use, and, unlike with other types of radon tests, closed-house conditions are not required.

Alpha Track is a diffusion-based track detector that filters out dust and radon progeny through an integral filter in the housing, resulting in increased sturdiness. The track detector foil inside the housing is from dosimetry-grade CR-39 cast for AccuStar® Labs. AccuStar® Labs is the only laboratory in the United States to use electrochemical etching to process its alpha track foils, which are subsequently counted with computer-aided image analysis equipment. This kind of system was found superior to chemically etched alpha track radon detectors.


  • Long-term test (3 months to 1 year)
  • Rugged structural filter for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Twin removeable serial labels, human and bar code readable
  • Electrochemical etching for better track resolution
  • Clear direct read pouch reduces serial errors
  • Large foil area counted for better statistics (over 40 square mm)
  • Hemispherical housing base for better track distribution
  • Electrically conducting housing reduces charge effects and clustering

Alpha Track Radon Test Kit includes:

  • One Alpha Track test device
  • Instructions
  • Laboratory analysis
  • First Class return postage (US only).

Available in Canada.

This product is NOT FOR USE in New Jersey. Call for special New Jersey radon test kits and prices.