The AIRaider™ 321 System for radon in water reduction combines spray and diffused bubble aeration for the best quality and results at a value price. The 321 is a compact radon in water reduction system that provides up to 95% radon reduction. Developed for easy installation, an AIRaider™ 321 is ideal when the more powerful AIRaider™ 433 is not required.


  • No Sweating - Double-wall foam-insulated tank will not sweat. Result: No messy puddles. No increased dampness.
  • Compact Size - Takes up the smallest total area of any residential aeration system with the smallest possible vent line. Result: Better aesthetics while effectively venting radon gas.
  • Proven Effective - Field-tested and lab-tested for radon reduction effectiveness. Result: Removes up to 95+% of radon.
  • Remote Air Intake - Can draw clean, filtered air from other locations with a remote 1" or 1 ΒΌ" air intake line. Result: Minimized backdrafting and reduced potential for contamination from airborne pollutants.
  • 2-Year Warranty

Tank Capacity

44 gallons

Tank Dimensions

35"H x 34.25"W x 22"L

Model P/N System Voltage Blower Repressurization Pump Plumbing Connection Flow Rate1 PSI Range2 Radon Reduction4 Tank Dimensions Repressurization Tank (Repressurization Tank sold separately)
AIRaider 321 28424 115V 0.11 hp Regenerative Blower 1.2 MaxAmp Sold Separately 3/4" Sharkbite Up to 10 GMP3 PSIs Vary Up to 95‰+ 35"H x 34.25"W x 22"L 20 Gal. Recommended
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