AccuStar® Radon Test Kits

For radon in air, Spruce's AccuStar® radon test laboratories offer both short-term (two to seven days) and long-term (three months to a year) test kits. A short-term measurement is often used for initial radon testing, testing during a real estate transaction, or post-mitigation testing. AccuStar®'s Alpha Track long-term test device captures the seasonal variations and provides radon levels over an extended period of time. AccuStar® also offers a test kit to measure radon in water. All test kits, which include laboratory analysis, are manufactured and analyzed in AccuStar®'s laboratories, which are certified, accredited and internationally recognized for test result accuracy.

RadStar Continuous Radon Monitors and Diagnostic Device

RadStar continuous radon monitors are popular among radon professionals for their quality, accuracy, and reliability. They provide dependable electronic radon measurement to meet any professional's budget. All RadStar radon monitors include MS-based software and a data download cable kit to transfer data to a desktop or laptop computer.

The RadStar GM 1-2 is a unique diagnostic device that provides both grab sampling and micro-manometer capabilities to aid the radon professional in locating the radon source for better radon system design and placement.

Radon Testing and Diagnostic Devices