Spruce Inline Fans provide a healthier, odor-free environment.

Spruce's virtually silent RL Series metal fans are ideal for both residential and commercial kitchens. They minimize grease buildup and maximize proper ventilation to control cooking odors, smoke, contaminants, and moisture in the kitchen. Their remote mounting ensures that these inline fans will be quiet and unobtrusive.

Spruce RL fans all feature a phosphorus steel housing specifically designed to withstand the harsh elements that cooking produces. A baked powder interior and exterior coating prevents grease corrosion and is heat resistant.


  • Rated for commercial or residential installation
  • Five-year warranty
  • Rated for continuous operation
  • Available with variable speed control

Fans suitable for kitchen application:

Model P/N Duct Size
RL200 28224 4"
RL300 28225 6"
RL350 28226 6"
RL450 28227 8"
RL500 28228 10"
RL600 28126 12"
Energy Star PartnerHVI Certified
HVI Sizing Recommendations by Range/Cooktop location
Location Ventilation rate/Linear Ft. of range Min. Ventilation rate/Linear Ft. of range
Against a wall 100 CFM 40 CFM
In an island 150 CFM 50 CFM

For high output, professional-grade cooktops and ranges
10 CFM for every 1,000 BTUs

Example: 4-burner cooktop w/9,000 BTUs/burner =
36,000 BTUs : 1000 BTUs = 36 x 10 CFM = 360 CFM