Spruce Continuous Ventilation & Duct Boosting

Mechanical ventilation is often necessary to assure better indoor air quality in today's tightly sealed homes and commercial buildings. A Spruce inline fan enhances air quality with continuous ventilation, which reduces point source pollutants in a variety of home and business settings, including workshops, hobby rooms, smoking rooms and other indoor spaces where pollutants enter the air. Spruce inline fans are ideal for ventilating a new addition and/or for improving the efficiency of an existing air system. Duct boosting will give an old heating and cooling system the lift necessary to get conditioned air into newly expanded living or working areas as well as any other areas where it is needed.

Spruce offers two convenient Duct Boosting Kits featuring interior mount, lightweight, durable construction and are rated for continuous operation. The SDB110P kit (P/N 28131) includes the RB110 fan (named a 2017 Most Efficient product by Energy Star®), an air pressure-sensing switch, probe, and vinyl tubing. The SDB110C kit (P/N 28259) also includes the RB110 fan plus an A/C current-sensing switch. See below for RB110 fan features and specifications.

Fresh Air Injection & Make-Up Air

Bringing in fresh air is a priority for creating a healthy indoor environment. In addition, combustion equipment (gas-fired water heater, clothes dryer, furnace, etc.) require fresh air to operate properly. Many of today's homes are built so tightly that air must be introduced by a fan. Spruce inline fans offer excellent air injection performance with minimal sound. For the most efficiency and energy savings while injecting needed make-up air, Spruce fans can be set to turn on automatically when appliances are in use by installing an appropriate switching mechanism.


  • Rated for Commercial or Residential Installation
  • Five-Year Warranty
  • Rated for Continuous Operation
  • Available with Variable Speed Control

Fans suitable for continuous ventilation, duct boosting and make-up air applications:

Model P/N Housing Material Duct Size Energy Star® CFM @ 0" WC CFM @ 0.2" WC
RV125 28042 Plastic 4" - 15 110
RV150 28041 Plastic 4" - 150 140
RV200 28049 Plastic 6" - 185 170
RB110 28128 Plastic 4" 121 100
RB275 28115 Plastic 6" - 272 230
RB300 28088 Plastic 6" - 318 270
RB350 28261 Plastic 6" - 334 300
RB400 28206 Plastic 8" - 497 450
RB500 28207 Plastic 10" - 542 500
RL200 28224 Metal 4" - 163 150
RL300 28225 Metal 6" - 254 230
RL350 28226 Metal 6" - 300 280
RL450 28227 Metal 8" - 507 460
RL500 28228 Metal 10" - 545 500
RL600 28126 Metal 12" - 670 610
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