Spruce Inline Fans offer quiet, effective bath ventilation.

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Spruce remote-mounted inline bathroom fans operate in true silence. Their balanced design and high quality motors offer the latest technology in bathroom ventilation. Without proper ventilation, residual surface moisture builds up on bathroom walls, linens and carpeting. Moisture buildup can cause or increase allergy symptoms by encouraging the growth of mold, mildew, bacteria and dust mites. Moisture can also create structural damage by providing an ideal condition for insects and wood rot. For effective ventilation, bathroom exhaust points should be located over or near the shower and/or tub and in any enclosed toilet area. A Spruce inline fan is ideal for this purpose, as a single fan can be attached to multiple intake/exhaust points.


  • Rated for Commercial or Residential Installations
  • Ultra Quiet
  • Multiple Intake locations
  • Five-Year Warranty

Fans suitable for bathroom application:

Model P/N Housing Material Duct Size Energy Star®
RV125 28042 Plastic 4" -
RV150 28041 Plastic 4" -
RV200 28049 Plastic 6" -
RB110 28128 Plastic 4"
RB275 28115 Plastic 6" -
RB300 28088 Plastic 6" -
RB350 28261 Plastic 6" -
RB400 28206 Plastic 8" -
RB500 28207 Plastic 10" -
RL200 28224 Metal 4" -
RL300 28225 Metal 6" -
RL350 28226 Metal 6" -
RL450 28227 Metal 8" -
RL500 28228 Metal 10" -
RL600 28126 Metal 12" -
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bathroom fan sizing guide

Sizing guide for bathroom:

The Home Ventilating Institute (HVI) provides the following sizing guide for bathroom: 8 Air changes/Hour (ACH)

Example: 10ft x 10ft x 8ft ceiling = 800 cu. ft x 8 / 60 = 107 CFM Fan